Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Abba Father

Sometimes we wonder is God good? Is He faithful to the end?? Even when we feel like the world is crazy and nothing seems right is He still the one we look to?? Recently I've been pondering this alot thinking about what God means when He says His steadfast love is faithful and will sustain us (Psalm 33:22, 25:6, 26:3 and 44:26). I've always beleived God is faithful, beleived that He would sustain me but recently I've been going through somethings that have asked more of me. That have refined my heart towards God's heart and have beckoned me to ask God to show me His steadfast love. To cry out to our Father, our good Father who I beleive made us need to cry out to Him. It says in Galatians 4:6(Mark 14:36, Romans 8:15) that our spirits cry out "Abba, Father". Our Spirits when we become born again yearn to cry out for a close, intimate relationship with God as Father. Many times christians are taught what a prayer life looks like, what a good christian does but are never taught how beleiving in God actually works in the unseen. As Paul say it's all a mystery the mysteries of God(Ephesians 3:9), and I second that, the relatioship of relating to God as Father is a great mystery but that doesn't mean we can't look into it a alot deeper than we have before. The next post will be about how does God the Father relate to us? And may include a song, a poem, or a painting showing you  how I commune with God as Father:)

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